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“i get no kick from champagne”

May 22, 2008

I realize i’ve written notably little about my new girl. I’ve been having unprecedented difficulty just sitting down and writing about anything at all recently (excuses). I haven’t been home and had the free time to do so much in the last week anyhow (excuses). And part of me has always rebelled at the question of what it is i like about the person i like (excuses), because it seems to me that explaining it is sort of beside the whole point.

I had the best weekend ever (except that last weekend was also the best ever…what hyperbole?) canoing with my kings and friends and Jamie. So i’m going to pretend that i’m just telling my canoing story as an excuse to talk about Jamie. I ended up working late to catch up from visiting Athena, so as it was we didn’t get to the campsite ’till it was dark. Jamie took care of totally all of the packing up for camping, or i’d have been way later than that. The cool thing about being late is that all my friends were already there. The uncool thing is setting up the tent in the dark, but it was nearly a full moon, and we’re both pretty good at that sort of thing. As we were unloading i picked something up, and Jamie said, “You got that? It’s pretty heavy.”
I said, “Hey, i’m butcher than i look!” She laughed, i paused. “No, no, i don’t think that’s true. I am stronger than i look…”

I think it was the next trip when i pulled her around to where our camp-neighbors couldn’t see to kiss her and ended up getting fucked against the side of the truck.

In the morning me, Bro and her roommate-guy were sitting in the truck waiting for Jamie to hop in. Bro was telling me how much she likes Jamie (yay!), she was kind of gushing. Mind, Bro is straight.
Me: “Do you have a crush on my girlfriend?!”
Bro: “Yeah! I have a crush on both of the girls in this car.”
Me: “Hey, me too!”
“Awww,” We’re so sappy. But it’s so true.

As for the canoing…when are we going again? Me, Jamie and Bro are totally planning to do a trip that’s a little rougher than the one we did with all 15 people. This trip, probably half of the group had never been before, and most of the rest of us hadn’t been in many years. Except Jamie, who it turns out used to teach this stuff (’cause apparently she can do anything), and Madam’s new boy, who has her own kayak. The three of us (myself included only by virtue of being Jamie’s canoe partner, and maybe a bit of a waterdog) became something of the rescue crew. We’d go through the rough bits first, park the canoe and wait for everyone to get through – or hop out to catch all the stuff that fell out if their canoe tipped.

(Insert mental image of me and Boss throwing ourselves into the middle of the (cold!) river to save the beer at a point where the current will knock you over when it’s only knee-deep. We’re fucking heroes.)

Which happened a lot; with eight boats we had at least ten capsizes. Including us, which was a little rough on our pride as it happened toward the end after everyone was all impressed with us (that is, with her). But i did get to show off; i snagged almost everything that fell out (we only lost a life vest that no one was wearing anyhow, and her hat that i was wearing), a bit from the other boat that flipped, and swam/dragged the canoe up on the shore. Totally impressed my girl (which is the point, right?), and, aside from the very brief “oh shit” moment when i hit the water, i had a fucking blast!

Apparently most people do not enjoy capsizing, so we ended up rearranging the boats after that bit. In doing so, they paired me with Momma and decided to stick me steering despite that i had never done it before. It was fun, but kind of terrifying. Bouncer didn’t help much with her “that’s my wife you’ve got; i’m trusting you!” threats. Momma was very supportive, kept telling me i was doing a good job. At one point i said, “well, thanks. I think i’m kind of getting it, but i don’t really like this being in charge thing.” To which she, naturally, responded with a crack about me being a bottom…yeah, i walked straight into that one.

We got back to camp, changed, cooked dinner, sat around and drank and chatted. Well, actually, Jamie got about halfway through changing and fell asleep till i woke her up for dinner. It was totally cute. Most of us decided on Sunday that we’re going again as soon as we could use our muscles again (i was fine by Monday) and our sunburns fade (that’s gonna be a little longer – it still hurts to walk ’cause my dumb ass was really, really good about sunblock…but forgot that i had feet).

And i got to play in the kayak, which was so much fun that i kept playing to the point that i couldn’t pick the paddle up to put it away when i got back to shore. What can i say, i’m dumb like a puppy.

Sunday was sweet and laid back (kayaking aside). We headed back to town, showered at her place. She put all our camping stuff in the laundry and gave me a t-shirt to wear while they washed. I put together some dinner – it’s always odd finding your way around someone else’s kitchen, but i love cooking. Jamie helped for a bit before laying down on the couch to watch me bustle (and sing along to the radio). Normally i’m not that fond of wearing just a t-shirt (i’d much rather go topless than bottomless), but the way she looked at me was so worth it. Normally i get too self-conscious and shy when she just looks at me, but i was occupied so i mostly didn’t notice. We ate and cuddled and fucked, and i did put pants on sometime before her roommate got home.

The three of us went to see Prince Caspian. It was fucking sweet. I totally got caught ogling the arms and armor. But, seriously, Susan’s chainmail! Holy hell, it’s an entire hauberk of maybe quarter-inch rings. And Peter had freaking chainmail chauses. Not to mention the mask-helmets the baddies wore. It was so worth seeing on the big screen just to check out that chainmail. Fortunately she thinks it’s cute that i’m so nerdy. But her roommate/gay boyfriend understands – we both perked up and nudged each other when they started the siege engines (of a variety i’ve never seen before). I, by the way, love him. We are creepily similar, and it drives Jamie crazy (in that mild sort of way). Partly just because she finds it kind of disturbing when i do stuff that reminds her of him, and partly because she feels a bit ganged up on when the three of us hang out.

Conclusion, interrogative: can i just go camping instead of, say, to work?
Conclusion, exclamatory: sunblock your feet!
Conclusion, declarative: my girlfriend may be the most competent person i know.
(note: my daddy doesn’t count ’cause he’s a superhero ;)

Lady Brett
“I Get a Kick Out of You” – Frank Sinatra

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  1. May 25, 2008 2:19 am

    this is one my favorite cole porter songs… what an awesome weekend. does jamie give lessons in making kayaking all crazy sexy like that? ;)

  2. June 21, 2008 12:49 am

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Glyptic!

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