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“i can’t help it if i’m still in love with you”

April 10, 2008

I’ve been without a pocket knife for a few years now, since i lost my last one. I’ve nearly always carried a knife since i got my first one for my birthday in third grade, and almost always a swiss army knife (not that first one, but it did have a fork and spoon). In fact, i can honestly say that my pocket knife is the reason i finally succeeded at quitting my nail-biting back in college. I had a tiny black swiss army knife with the scissors and nail file, and whenever i caught myself starting or wanting to nibble, i would just fidget with the knife; trim, file, clean my nails instead.

Anyhow, i decided recently that i ought to get a new pocket knife, ’cause they really are that useful. Chances are good that i’d have gotten that exact same little swiss army knife had this not popped up about a week ago: Every Man Should Carry a Pocket Knife over at the Art of Manliness. Now, that’s not really stuff i didn’t know (except the difference between a pen knife and a jack knife), and i was already going to get a pocket knife, so what’s the deal? The pictures. They reminded me of the knife my grandad always carried. He probably still does, but it sticks in my memory from when i was little: i’d sit on his lap, and he’d clean my nails – which were always grungy, and especially if we were visiting my grandparents, where there was the creek and field and woods to run around – with his pocket knife. It was always so sweet and gentle, and it’s funny because i can’t imagine trusting anyone else (say, myself) to do that.

So that’s my new knife, just (or nearly) like my grandad’s. It’s a Case. And it’s beautiful, and the perfect tiny little size. The knife is about the same size as the small swiss army, but the blades are a bit longer, and quite a bit more sturdy – i don’t see these ever breaking ’cause you’re being a little dumb cutting something, i think you’d actually have to be prying.

Also, props to someone in the comments to the Manliness pocket knife post who said that the proper response when a man is asked if he has a knife is, “I’ve got my pants on, don’t I?” Hell yes.

Lady Brett
“I Can’t Help It” – Hank Williams

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