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“i only came here to dance”

April 8, 2008

Bro called me yesterday to see if i had kept in touch with the girl in the grey sweater. Which is funny, because i didn’t remember the grey sweater. That is, as soon as Bro said that i did, rather exactly. But if you had asked me about her i would have just remembered her hair. Longish, curly – not frizzy wild curly like mine; nice messy curly. And how it felt between my fingers as we danced. Right, dancing? Maybe i should start somewhere towards the beginning.

Perhaps with the crazy girl who buddied up with me – cute though, and entertaining, and she bought me a drink. Or with the part where this was all happening after our show, and i was in drag. Well, crazy girl was flirting with sweater girl – all part of the general effort to flirt with every girl in the bar, i think – and i was kind of hanging out there, flitting around a bit. She asked me to dance; it was that cute, lame dancing while holding our drinks dance. “Maybe we should put these down,” she says, smiles. Which meant we could dance proper. Not that i can much lead, but i’ve got enough of an idea to have fun (and, well, i was the man after all). A few more songs and we drift over to our drinks on the table. I light her cigarette, and right then they make the “closing sometime soon” announcement, which means, she says, we ought to dance ’cause there are only a few more songs. “I’m kind of worn out, let’s go when you finish your cigarette.” She put it out, and we danced ’till they closed.

It was sweet. I’m not used to sweet. I am getting rather used to fun, sexy, silly, hot…any number of things that aren’t sweet. But when we were dancing close it was soft, and sweet, shy. And when she put her head on my shoulder, oh my. In fact, it strikes me as kind of funny that we were dancing together at all, because we were both giving those shy “oh, god, i don’t know what to do now” smiles. Or maybe that’s just what mine was. She asked for my number, called me so i have hers (sly). I walked her out, had a lovely goodnight kiss.

And we’re back to the beginning – Bro called me yesterday to see if i had kept in touch. I haven’t yet, of course. I’m terrible with phones, i’m kind of terrified of them. And it doesn’t much help that i don’t know the girl at all, or that we live in different cities (out of town show) – that pretty much eliminates having any idea what to talk about as well as just calling to make some sort of plan. So, yeah, that second thing means it’s not like this is likely to go anywhere…but i don’t want to be one of those bitches.

The other reason Bro called? To tell me about the girls she overheard talking about my ass during the show. Rock on.

Lady Brett
“Texas Two Step” – Caroline Herring

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