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“love without finance is like a shirt without a tie”

March 28, 2008
My typewriter.
I got it in the mail today. I am very excited. I wrote my brother a letter on it over my lunch break. I am still learning it’s quirks, but it makes me very happy. There will be letters, lots of letters, i think. Maybe even more actual writing. But first there will be a thorough going over to remove all the dirt and dust.

This is the package it came in. I am totally going to give the guy good feedback on ebay just because of all the stamps. I mean, i’d have given him good feedback anyway, but…this makes me think highly of the dude i’ve never met.

My typewriter. Exhibit A – the case that doesn’t unzip all the way, so you kind of have to slide the typewriter out of it. But it’s awfully pretty. And portable. Exhibit B – a photo that would be artsy if i had a real camera. Auto-focus drives me batty. Even so, is my typewriter not lovely?

And my new(ish) necklace – a “shift” key. It also makes me quite happy. I’ve always thought the typewriter key jewelry was pretty, but i’m not up to wearing a completely random cute pendant (think “mar rel”…which i do appreciate for being almost unintelligible…margin release, by the way), and i’m definitely not an initial person. But “shift” i like. It puts me in mind of change, but nothing drastic – or perhaps simply as an alternative to “shiftless” – anyhow, it seems a good thing for me to have hanging around my neck these days.

Lady Brett
“Love is a 5-Letter Word” – James Phelps

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  1. March 31, 2008 2:10 pm

    you = adorable, just FYI :)

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