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“where your love stops, mine begins”

March 27, 2008

Surprising continuity on the op-ed page of the New York Times this week. Every one of the 9 columnists’ latest article is about the Democratic campaign. No, that’s certainly not the surprise. What is interesting is that 4 of them are on the exact same topic: Hillary Clinton is screwing the Democrats by staying in the race (and, if we discount William Kristol because he was added to the cast for the sole purpose of never agreeing with the others, that’s half). Another says much the same, but blames both candidates. In fact, the only two columns not smearing Clinton are still busy with Obama’s race speech, so they don’t mention her at all (and one of those is Kristol’s).

It seems a major defection. That said, i pretty much agree with them. This one, like every election since Bush got in office, is the Democrat’s to lose – and by god they’re good at that.

Lady Brett
“Overtime Man” – Don Covay

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