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“i like her better when she walks away”

March 7, 2008

Wednesday night involved:

Getting off work with enough time to change and take Dog out before going out with my kings.

Karaoke. (i did not partake.) But, man, there were some folks who could sing. Like, where you’d turn around and be surprised that they’d started the karaoke again, thinking it was still the music playing.

Fun. Lots of fun. I love my peeps!

Met this cool guy – well, as Momma is fond of describing me, “nerdy cool.” I mean, how many guys do you meet at a bar and end up talking about d&d and Eddie Izzard and shit? (but, then, poor guy, how many girls do you meet like that, and i’m gay.) And we swing danced to Stray Cats. Turns out he knows Bro, ’cause that’s how this place works. Anyhow, he seemed pretty cool, we traded info.

I had an interesting sexuality/attraction discussion with Bro. She’s straight, but she does like to make out with girls sometimes. We, of course, make fun of her about when she’s going to come out (for one thing, people have been known to assume that she’s gay and i’m straight when we’re together). But, per our discussion, i completely understand what she means. Frankly, i feel the same way about boys as she does about girls: making out is fun! But i am not comfortable with anything else. Speaking of discussing sexuality, i’ve been pegged as a bottom twice this week in random conversation – by Jamie sometime this weekend, and, more interestingly (since we’d just met), by the guy mentioned above. Transparent. That’s me.

And, right, didn’t get to sleep ’till about 4am, my ride home turned into like 2-hour make-out. Fun. But strange. I don’t know if i can even explain why.

Also, my phone smells like smoke.

p.s. it’s SNOWING!!!!!! Like, white stuff. Falling from the sky! I’m goin’ home! lalala *doin’ the snow dance*

p.p.s. and my brother’s coming to visit me. *happydance*

Lady Brett
“Castanets” – Reckless Kelly

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