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“what do you know about what that means?”

March 4, 2008

The final weekend update (promise). Friday night was awesome fun, but not much worth noting. It occurred to me afterwards that we were linear flirting – Jamie was flirting with Me was flirting with Erin was flirting with the new girl (of the aforementioned “couple”). Amusing. Also amusing – Jamie’s ex came in with her new girl, so me and Jamie played girlfriends – arms around each other, hand holding – when we went by them to the bar. The ex didn’t take her eyes off us the whole time. And apparently she’s pissed off because she thinks Jamie’s lying to her ’cause she said we’re not dating when the ex asked about it. I might feel bad if the girl hadn’t been such a bitch to her when they were dating.

Sunday, my dumb ass gets home after the races (and four or so hours of sleep) and says yes when Jamie asks if i want to go out with her and Erin, who wants a posse so that she can avoid an actual date with some woman without turning her down either. As it turned out, it seems like they rather hit it off. Which i have mixed feelings about. Because Erin’s my buddy, and i’m happy for her. Also as a friend, though, the woman’s friend that came along was terrible. Profoundly irritating, and i’d hate to be stuck around her because our friends got together. Also, of course, i’m jealous, totally jealous, but i can deal with that. Le sigh. Of course, i also have no idea whether it’s actually a thing or not, at this point. Those two things aside, it was fun – until i got so tired i couldn’t see straight – because, well, i love being around my friends. Erin’s gay man was there, and i have decided that i quite like him. It took some consideration, because he is extremely snobbish, which irks me, but under that is good stuff.

On the way out the door i saw Art-girl that i had a…thing…with a few months back, which was cool.

Lady Brett
“What Do You Know About Love” – Dwight Yoakam

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