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“Saturday night, baby i feel fine”

March 4, 2008

And then! The show! Was great. This is the venue that loves us cowboys. It’s a wonderful ego boost. Also, i have an cut of unknown origin on my cheek. Possibly from tripping over the stairs when we were “fighting,” i know i bashed up my knees (“you had either great sex or a great show last night”). Erin’s gay boyfriend showed up (Erin didn’t. but she did bitch at him later for going without telling her, or she’d have come. fair enough, i didn’t make it to her game.) as did this “couple” (guy and girl, recently broken up due to being gay) who i’d just met the night before. I was rather excited that they came out ’cause this show wasn’t even in town (though not too far off) – and ’cause they were really cool…and the girl is damn cute.

Everyone else in the troupe smokes and they always hassle me for carrying a lighter when i don’t smoke. I only do when i’m in drag – you simply can’t be a gentleman without one. A lady might need a light. Or a light to read the menu by an the dark club. I managed that last one without burning myself, somehow. But it makes it clear that i need to get a zippo.

Of course, i already knew that – the accessories are another awesome part of doing drag – how girly is that? Mostly that is belt buckles. And ties. Oh my god, ties. I’ve always thought ties were cool, there’s so much variety, and they are (can be) hot, and they feel nice to wear, and i like that i can actually tie one. Now i know three tie knots, in fact; i can’t do a winsor without about 10 tries…but it looks crap on me anyway ’cause i’m too little for it. But. That is all bonus. It kills me when a girl pulls on my tie. It’s like a direct line to my cunt. Hell, it’s basically a socially acceptable collar and lead. Madam took full advantage of it when we – Me, her, Momma and Bouncer – went out after the show. The three of them were amused ’cause they could tell that i totally got off on it, and Madam was half doing it just to embarrass me in public. But she also fuckin’ digs being able to drag me around. Win-win. It makes me want to wear a tie all the damn time.

Lady Brett
“Rip It Up” – The Queers

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