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“he’s playing the horses again”

March 3, 2008

My weekend was crazy. In a mostly good way, but it was full of thoughts and events. To begin the story rather near the end, i went to the horse races – for the first time – yesterday! We had a drag show Saturday (more on that later) and we were all going to go to the track Sunday. As it turned out it was just me, Bro, Boss and Miss. (Bro, to clarify, is not my brother. My real bro doesn’t get it capitalized. Bro is the other cowboy in the drag troupe.) First, confusion. How the hell does this work? What are all these numbers? Okay, #3 to show. Two Dollars. Because i like his name and that’s the only bet i understand how to place. The nice thing about betting is that it gives you a stake. If it weren’t for those two dollars, we would just stand there watching, but now we’ve got someone to cheer for, and cheering is what makes it exciting. Because i know #3 would never have won without my shouting. And he did win. I made 80 cents! Which i spent on the next bet, ’cause that’s what you do. Boss and Miss played another race or two and went to play the slots.

Me and Bro stayed. We were starting to get hooked. Not so much on the horses – though it really is cool to watch. Not so much on the gambling – though it is an important part of the interest. But on figuring it out. We wanted to get good at it. And, if you have ever seen a race info booklet, there is a lot to figure out. The names – horse, trainer, jockey – are about the only obvious parts. The rest in a gibberish of numbers and abbreviations. And there is a key, but it is written in race jargon, making it less than helpful. But we did a pretty good job; made a decent inroad into judging good horses and bad horses. A couple of races later we were siting in the stands, studying the next race, when we look up to see Boss and Miss waiting at the bottom of the stairs. “How long have y’all been standing there?” “Long enough to take a picture,” Boss smirks. Miss adds, “of course it’s the damn cowboys gambling on the horse races!” We all about fell out laughing. It was a good damning picture they got, too. They stayed for one more race, made fun of us for being into it, and headed out.

We stayed all day. I only lost about eight bucks, which, really, ain’t a bad price for about 6 hours entertainment. Me and Bro figured we’d have spent a lot more if we’d been hanging out at a bar. I think i might get a call about next week’s races.

Lady Brett
“Baron Plays the Horses” – Indigo Swing

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