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“take me by the hand and tell me you would take me anywhere”

February 14, 2008
V-day has resulted in the best Post-Secrets i’ve seen in a long time –

this is my favorite.

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all. Or happy S.A.D (Singles Awareness Day), courtesy of Essin’ Em. But, really, i’m okay with just calling it Valentine’s. I’ve never minded being single on V-day. It’s way better than having a girlfriend you can’t be with. Somehow, me and Jake’s relationship spanned 4 Valentines’ and we were only in the same place for one of them – crummy luck or somesuch, and it always made me so lonely. Whereas if i’m single i just don’t give a shit – it all seems unnecessarily sappy. (That said, i’d go sappy in a second if someone (particular) asked me on a date ;)

This is my current definition of love.
your smile makes me want to misbehave

But, really? Valentine’s Day is my own little Father’s Day. Because i’ve been on one date for it. But when i was a kid my dad got me Valentine’s presents every year. Usually a little stuffed animal (i have a…zoo) and a box of those chocolate covered cherries. He even sent me v-day presents in the mail a few times when i was in college. He always went all out for my mom too. Not this sappy dozen roses shit, either, but, like, one year me and Mom got home from school/work and opened the front door to an entryway filled with red and pink balloons. Stuff like that (and, y’know, going out without us damn kids along).

The funny thing is, i can see where that might have been really embarrassing when i was in HS or college – because you know how teenagers are about their parents, and my dad is an expert at being embarrassing. But it never was. Because i am a daddy’s girl. But also, because my dad in never sappy like that. I mean, he’s affectionate, but he’s gruff. Like, he gives the hugs that kind of rough you up a bit, and usually when he’s being really really sweet, it’s well veiled as practicality so that you have to know him well to even realize it. So, happy Valentine’s, Dad!

Lady Brett
“Take Me Anywhere” – Tegan and Sara

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