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“God didn’t miss a stitch, be it dog or be it bitch”

February 13, 2008

“News” Roundup!

“A Flawed Feminist Test” – op-ed by Maureen Dowd. While i do like Maureen Dowd, she has a tendency to sacrifice things like judgment and reality for the sake of being funny – only a little bit, and she is funny, but i don’t always read her like i used to ’cause i kind of get tired of it. But the point of this once is quite good, basically that “if Hillary fails, it will be her failure, not ours.” It also includes this great and kind of sad anecdote:

Elaine Sirkis, 77, an Obama supporter, confided that she just isn’t sure she’s ready for a woman president. Betty Conway, 83, a Hillary supporter, confided that she just isn’t sure she’s ready for a black president.

As Conway walked away, Sirkis smiled sheepishly. “I’m sorry,” she told Berman sweetly about her friend. “She’s a bigot.”

Uno – the first Beagle to ever win the Westminster Dog Show (15-inch Beagle, if you care to know). I love beagles! I also love dog shows, despite thinking they are really stupid, and in some ways even detrimental to dogs and breeds. Partly because i love dogs, so i love watching beautiful dogs and just being around hundreds of dogs – if you get to go to a dog show in person. Partly because i love trivia, and i know quite a bit of doggie trivia. Perhaps most of all because, well, it was bred into me – me and my mom used to go to the (local) dog show every year.

NY Times – Senate Votes to Expand Spy Powers. Fuck you guys. Or, rather more eloquently,

Mr. Dodd, who spoke on the floor for more than 20 hours in recent weeks in an effort to stall the bill, said future generations would view the vote as a test of whether the country heeds “the rule of law or the rule of men.”

I Love You, but You Love Meat:

Sharing meals has always been an important courtship ritual and a metaphor for love. But in an age when many people define themselves by what they will eat and what they won’t, dietary differences can put a strain on a romantic relationship.

More on that later, because what’s more fun than dissecting relationships? Talking about food! But now – off to dinner with my ex.

Lady Brett
“God Loves a Terrier” – Best in Show

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