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“she’s the voice of the future, baby have you heard”

February 11, 2008

I know i’ve already used this song in the last week, but i have to make a public service announcement. This is the best song i’ve heard in a long time. John Hiatt is quite good in general, but, i’m not even sure what it is, this song really does me in. It’s perfect, the way the music and voice mesh, and match with the lyrics, the layers; it encompasses so much, so smoothly that you almost don’t realize the depth until you’ve listened to it over and over. I’ve had it in my head since i first heard it. Not in an invasive way, more like not being able to get a girl you like off of your mind; i keep thinking of it because thinking of it makes me feel so fuzzy and nice – even though it’s in some ways rather melancholy. I’m sorry, i’m gushing. You would be too. Unless, of course you have bad taste…i mean, don’t like this sort of thing. Anyhow, it’s up on his myspace page (along with some other good songs).

Lady Brett
“Thunderbird” – John Hiatt

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