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“you pissed off all the local boys”

February 8, 2008

Six degrees of separation, my ass. It’s maybe three in this place…one or two if you’re gay. Seriously – it’s like i live in a damn village. I went Saturday to do some stuff with my youth thingy, and i ended up chatting all morning with another woman who’d shown up to help out. When we all headed out she invited me and my friend to hang out that evening. Which we did, and had a lot of fun. And i realized, through slow collection of completely unimportant and random facts, that i knew who she was. Not knew her, or had met her, but had heard of her. Because she and Jake had been on a date or two (or something, i don’t really remember, but they’d met, and Jake had mentioned her a few times) five years ago. So i was like, “holy shit!” and (of course) i called Jake the next day with a “guess who i met?” call (and to double check and make sure i wasn’t crazy). I was right, same woman – Jake was trippin’ a bit on that. So i was on the phone with her (not Jake) Tuesday, and shared this observation. Obviously, it kind of tripped her out too.

Naturally, then, Jake ran into her Wednesday evening at a fast food place. Because it wasn’t quite random enough yet. We all went out for drinks and music that night, which was awesome fun – we were pretty goofy on the “good god, i can’t believe this shit really happened” vibe, and i think we might have freaked out the straight boy buddy who was hanging out with us.

Also, i kind of like her. I’m just not sure how much. And she at least kind of likes me – she did a bit of an “oh my god…” when she found out i’m 24 (she’s 32…like all the rest of them). We are so totally in different places in our lives right now (which, actually, has very little to do with the age thing). Whatever, i’ll (try to) just let things roll. I’m having fun, and i’ll just (so i say) stop stressing about shit that hasn’t yet and may never happen.

And, i finally found my gay man again! We lost each other for a few months there – that is, we lost our contact info – and we finally reconnected and got to hang out last night! He rocks my socks off.

Lady Brett
“Highway 87” – Hayes Carll

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  1. February 11, 2008 10:54 am

    she did a bit of an “oh my god…” when she found out i’m 24 (she’s 32…like all the rest of them)

    I was just thinking, this morning, what it is with me that attracts women in their early 30s (I’m 23). I have no problem with it, but jeez, it’s weird.

  2. February 11, 2008 1:34 pm

    my deal isn’t so much about who i attract as who i’m attracted to. i’ve always been a terrible judge of age, but i’m beginning to think i can pretty well assume she’s in her early 30s if i think she’s hot.

  3. linaria permalink
    February 14, 2008 8:10 am

    oh, I’m with you there. most of my *friends* are in their early 30s, a few of them are married and have kids, and I usually find myself attracted to older women.

    so it’s kind of funny that my girlfriend is 22.

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