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“What’s the use to deny we’ve been living a lie”

January 30, 2008

Primary roundup!

I went out with a buddy last night, our weekly music pilgrimage. There’s a great bar where they have one of a couple of really awesome local musicians playing every tuesday. It’s laid back (because no one goes out on a tuesday night), and a friend of mine works there (and i know everyone else who works there by virtue of being a barfly there). Last night was particularly fun because they had the Florida primary coverage running on the tv in the corner, so me and my buddies were talking that over all night (and because there was this cute girl at the table of dykes next to us). The guy i was out with is particularly fun to talk politics with because there’s a fair bit we don’t agree on. Because he’s a fucking libertarian, like all of my friends that i didn’t meet through some politics thing (but i’ll leave my beef with libertarians for another time).

Insight of the night: “Edwards versus Romney would be like Jack Johnson vs. John Jackson from Futurama.” I just about fell out of my chair laughing when he said that.

But on a more serious note, i was pretty amazed that the turnout for the Dem primary was almost the same as for the Rep one, considering the Dem primary counts for exactly 0 delegates – i’d have been like “fuck that shit, i’m staying home.” I also think it’s funny that i got an email from the Hillary campaign touting “victory in Florida” like it meant something, seeing as none of the Dems campaigned there (and she still beat Obama by a smaller margin than he won with in SC). In today’s news, Edwards is dropping out. What will be interesting now is to see who he endorses, because in a race this close that might actually have a big impact. Here’s what the NYTimes “Caucus” blog has to say on that “Mr. Edwards is expected to endorse no one, at least for now. He can hold on to his chunk of delegates and release them at an opportune time, making him a “kingmaker.””

On the Republican side, McCain is looking like the hands-down winner. Which sucks for us Democrats. Not only did he beat Romney last night (not too close, but not by a huge margin either), but Giuliani’s dropping out and endorsing McCain. Because, that comeback? Not so much. He still only barely outstripped Huckabee in the state he was supposed to catapult back onto the scene from. Anyhow, this sucks for the Dems ’cause McCain is the only one in the Rep field who might be able to beat them. The polls so far have him pretty much tied with Clinton and Obama in a theoretical head-to-head. All the other candidates are, at the moment, expected to be trounced even by Edwards.

It’ll be funny if it’s McCain/Obama, because in the primaries the two biggest objections have been “he’s too old” and “he’s too young.” Here’s hoping. Added to other leanings that way, my grumpy libertarian friend said he’ll campaign with us if it is Obama. He, like half the US, fucking hates Clinton, but he’s not up for any of those Republicans.

Oh, this is cool too – the left sidebar shows the delegate count for each candidate.

Lady Brett
“Why Should We Try Anymore” – Waylon Jennings

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  1. linaria permalink
    January 31, 2008 8:13 am

    As someone who had to endure having Romney as governor, I’m relieved to see him beat by *anyone,* even if they are another scary Republican.

  2. January 31, 2008 10:17 am

    haha. i was really rooting for him…because i’m a party hack and he’d be the easiest to beat ;)

  3. missbelledejour permalink
    February 4, 2008 12:27 am

    There were so many great articles on this in the Economist this week. Check them out. And you’ll be happy to know there was no mention of Lib’s.

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