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“Things looked kind of bad until the day she skated into my life”

January 22, 2008

I haven’t been writing much due to combination of being rather busy at work and sort of scatter-brained in general. The first is pretty good – i spent almost two weeks trying to get back into the swing of things after the holiday, not helped by the fact that i had almost nothing to do. Well, the people whose work had to get done before my part of it could move on got it done, and now i’m up to my ears in my part of it. Which is better than not having work to do. I might be lazy, and i do love not working, but i fucking hate pretending i’m working. I mean, if i’m not working i want to be just straight up doing something fun – or at least asleep. Anyhow, the second thing is kind of irritating. I’ve been in a weird self-exploration place. It’s not that i mind analyzing myself – it’s, really, a lovely combination of intellectual exploration and narcissism – but my brain is fluttering from place to place, so i can’t get a solid grip on my thoughts, which is the bothersome part. I wrote some of my thoughts down over the weekend, but (of course) left them at home where the internet isn’t, so i’ll put them up at a later date.

Till then, some more concrete thoughts. Happy MLK day, a day late. I marched in the parade here with that group of kids (of the high school and up variety) i’ve talked about before. It was the coldest day of the year so far, but once the two hours of standing still in the cold ended and the actual parading started that wasn’t quite so bad, and the parading in general was pretty cool. The feeling didn’t totally return to my toes ’till most of the way through lunch, though. We were the only white people in the entire parade. Which makes me a bit sad and angry. We’ve discussed the fact that our group is pretty damn (though not entirely) white, why that sucks and how/if we can change it. But at least these white kids (myself included) give a shit. It’s a pretty god-damn big shame to have an all-black parade and all-black spectators celebrating the civil rights movement. Ain’t we come a long way. (okay, yes, we have come a long way, but…)

Our Local Roller Derby had their first bout ever on sunday! Of course we went. It fuckin’ rocked. I love roller derby – and i even almost understand it now. It was packed, too! And full of dykes, and an overall segment of the population that i like a lot and don’t see elsewhere. We lost terribly, but as i said it’s their first bout, and the other team has been around through at least one whole season (i’m not sure if longer). And it was still pretty awesome to watch. Roller derby is now up there with basketball and rugby in my list. Of course, watching it always make me want to play. But i don’t have time (also i’m a wuss). Maybe i’ll just have to find a roller girl to date, hehe.

Lady Brett
“Roller Derby Queen” – Jim Croce

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