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“and now the ugly details are stuck in my mind”

January 16, 2008

News roundup. Well, news, semi-news and opinions.

Romney won Michigan. This puts the Republicans in an interesting position; they have had three winners in three primaries, and two (semi) viable candidates who have yet to make any showing at all (Fred Thompson, who some people seem to still take seriously, but i really can’t see why. Rudy Giuliani, who has surprised everyone by sucking it up so badly. He claims that is all part of his strategy, so we are still paying attention, seeing if he’ll make a sweeping comeback on the 5th.) I’ve done some shifting in my opinions on the Republican candidates, and am now rooting for Romney (as a yellow-dog Democrat i am rooting for whoever i think will be easiest to beat). Clinton won Michigan, by the way. No one cares, of course, because she was the only viable candidate on the ballot, and the Democratic party has kicked Michigan out of their convention for moving their primary up so far (ditto with Florida, where Clinton is expected to win an impotent victory as well).

A funny article on midlife crises: “Crisis? Maybe He’s a Narcissistic Jerk.” This bit sums it up pretty well, “Except, of course, for the few — mainly men, it seems — who find the midlife crisis a socially acceptable shorthand for what you do when you suddenly wake up and discover that you’re not 20 anymore.”

And on a more serious note, Bob Herbert has an excellent op-ed (“Politics and Mysogyny“) in which he says that, perhaps, there are more important gender issues in our country than Hillary Clinton running for president. “For many men, [sexism] is the true national pastime.” Yowch.

Lady Brett
“Weakened State” – Sarah Harmer

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