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“it’s a small world after all”

January 14, 2008

And sometimes – most of the time – i just love that.  Today i went home for lunch (per usual, now that i live down the street) and took Dog for a walk.  We walked by my mailman (who is awesome, judging by our nearly-daily very brief conversations when she drops off the mail at my work…and her cool hair) and said hi, and then she says “Oh! I’ve got something for you, i think, if you just want it now,” and got a little package out of the mailvan.  Indeed, a similar thing happened a few weeks ago – i was leaving home and just kind of ran into the UPS guy knocking on the apartment door (’cause my apartment building is well sealed from the outside world) with a package for me (my package for drag, in fact).  He said, “oh, i was about to head down to your work and see if you were there if no one answered here.”  I love this stuff.  I also love getting presents in the mail.  So, thank you Miss Avarice, it’s lovely – the special man in my life definitely appreciates it *g*

Lady Brett

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  1. miss avarice permalink
    January 14, 2008 4:16 pm

    i’m pleased it finally arrived. Because i greatly enjoyed fashioning it for that handsome fella :-)

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