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“knew how his nation’s doing by the length of a side walk cigarette butt”

January 9, 2008

Well, here’s to politics.

For the sake of chronology, here are some first reactions to Iowa which i failed to write up at the time.  Go Obama!  I wasn’t really surprised he won Iowa, but i was surprised by the margin.  And i thought it was odd (totally insignificant) that Clinton came in 3rd (by .2%).  The Republican race was, at least on the surface, way more interesting.  But it wasn’t actually a surprise that Huckabee won (though maybe the margin was).  He poured all of his time and money into Iowa, and he has a strong rural-conservative-christian pull, and it paid off.  Giuliani ran exactly 0 ads in Iowa, so you can’t say it’s a surprise he didn’t do well there.  He completely wrote off the early states, and i guess it irked them ’cause he did terribly even for someone who didn’t really campaign (considering how well known he is).

New Hampshire.  Clinton’s win here doesn’t quite make up for her loss in Iowa, considering the margins.  But it is important; it would have been a severe blow for the ‘front-runner’ to lose both of the major media feasts that are these early states.  McCain really took me by surprise.  The media wrote him off as a lost cause months ago, so there really hasn’t been any info circulating about him.  That’s made it look look like he came out of nowhere, but i imagine he’s actually been working for it and it’s just that no one told us.  Giuliani did a little better than in Iowa; more along the lines of what i’d expected from his non-campaign there.  The Huckster did well for a dark horse, but i think he’s done with now, running out of steam.

But take a look yourself.  Results, of course, but also good descriptions of how and when each of the primaries run (and info on the weirdness about the Dem. boycots of states who moved their primaries too far up).

Lady Brett
“Last of the Hobo Kings” – Mary Gauthier

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