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“apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur”

January 4, 2008

Highlights (or points of interest) of the holidays:

Almost two weeks off work.

We did small family christmas at my apartment again, which was cool – makes me feel like some kind of a grownup.  My family got me the best gifts i didn’t ask for ever.

4 people. 3 dogs. 1 car. 9 hours. 2 times.

Thanks to my bro, the title song here has been stuck in my head the whole time.

Dyke drama.  Good god.

Crazy drunken night – good food, great people, wii and guitar hero, and even getting our work done, an argument (not really, but i can’t think of a better brief description) with A, sex with a friend, and a distinct lack of sleep.

A fucking great drag show…despite some technical difficulties.

Got kicked out of a Waffle House (so not my fault).

Went to a New Years party with Jake.  Had a great time hanging out with her.  The party was mostly really fun.  I think we just made up the countdown ’cause there wasn’t a tv on in the place.  And then i suddenly and unequivocally hit my social interaction wall.  So the last hour where i was kind of hiding at a table trying not to freak or get too pissy rather sucked.  (side note: i don’t think that social phobia stuff happens when i drink.  But i was completely sober on new years (and once it’s hit, it’s too late –  drinking is a -really- bad idea ’cause it’ll totally exacerbate however grumpy you feel))  We crashed at a friend’s and shared a bed, with a little (innocent) cuddling and no weirdness at all.

So that was my happy holidays.  It’s a shame i’ve gotta be back at work now – the free time was the best part.

Lady Brett
“Low” – T Pain

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