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“just because you’re lyin’ in his bed don’t mean you meant the things you said”

December 19, 2007

I’m on a roll, so let’s add this rant that i said i’d write back in june.

I am a values voter.

I, frankly, don’t even understand this term.  Values, by definition, are the principles that govern the things we do.  Voting is one of the things we do.  What do you vote based on, if not your values?  You see, everyone has values.  My thinking that your values are fucked up doesn’t mean you don’t have values.  It simply means that your values and mine are very different.  I don’t know if this description will clarify or confuse, but i think this is quite a bit like my opinion on art: people tend to disparage art they don’t like, saying “that’s not even art.”  But, no!  Art is not a measure of quality, it is only a category.  It may be bad art, but it is art nonetheless.  So, you may have bad values, but you do have values.

More importantly, I have values whether you agree with them or not.  I value, first and foremost, people.  All people.  Some more than others, but i do value all people.  And i value all living things (with the possible exception of cockroaches).  All of my other values follow from that, but we can get into the dirty details if you want.

I value the lives of unborn children.  I value the lives of mothers too.  I value the lives of children who can’t afford food.  I value the lives of soldiers.  I value the lives of civilians in war zones.  I value the lives of workers and of immigrants and of minorities and of inmates and of the undereducated and of the poor and…am i repeating myself?  Did i not tell you i value all people?  I even value the lives of people who i think are destroying our country piece by piece.

Family values?  I value my family above most people.  I value people’s ability to make enough money to support their family.  I value all families that are loving families.  I value marriage.  (Indeed, i value marriage so much that i don’t want to get married because i’m afraid i’m not good enough for it, but that might be for another discussion.) 

Of course, if gay people didn’t value marriage they wouldn’t want to get married, would they?

I am a values voter.  What the hell other kind of voter would i be?

Lady Brett
“Bible Song” – Lori McKenna

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