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Down to Earth

December 17, 2007

I’m alive, see!

I think that DC is a cool, cool city.  I spent most of my free time there just wandering around, which was really neat.  Because people do walk there, and the metro rocks my socks, and i think that new english architecture is amazing.  It’s not just new england, it’s a feature of places that are old enough or crowded enough to not just spread out and cover all the land in individual houses and yards and all that, but it fascinates me.  Highlights:

Walking.  The Metro.  Accidentally seeing a DC Kings show.  The gay bar where i was the only girl.  I got to watch boys swing dance with each other – so cute! – and it was laid back (a weeknight), really cheap whiskey-cokes, cool bartender, the guy next to me bought us key-lime pie shots (they actually taste like pie).  Museums.  Particularly the Native American museum – i want to learn beadwork.  And the National Gallery has a Turner exhibit – he’s one of my favorite artists (phenomenal oceanic tragedy scenes, in particular), and Hopper, who does amazingly emotive scenes with people in cafes, but whose extremely skillfully rendered landscape and architecture paintings leave me cold.  Oh, and the reason i was there: the conference was rather dull, but really informative, which is thrilling.

In other news:
Our heater went out at work – four days after i got heat at home.  What is this damn hex?

Our next drag show is going to kick ass!  I’m totally keen on it – we’re really on top of our shit and going in a pretty new, more theatrical direction, and it is really going to show.  And we’re hooking up with some out of state venues/groups, which is fucking super.  Plus my songs for the next show are cool (including Willie’s “cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other” teehee).  And i just bought myself christmas presents – wrangler slacks and a black hat.  I’ll have dress clothes so i can do some good old-fashioned country music.  All very exciting.

A got her hair bleached blond, and it looks really good on her.

Two of my friends are having issues.  One is an emotional wreck and the other has a mess of health problems.  Interestingly (in a bad way), the external result is the same – they are both losing unhealthy amounts of weight very quickly.  There is very certainly nothing i can do about the medical issues, and if there is anything i can do for the other, i wish i knew what it was or had the strength to do it – i’m really awkward about comforting people.  But a broken heart’s hard to mend from the outside anyhow.  sigh.

Also, Christmas is coming up!  Family time.  I’m most excited about gettign to see my bro again.  Parents too, of course.  And my granny and grandad, who i don’t see very often (and who are getting old, which is strange because they’ve always been old to me, but now they are actually getting old, and it makes me sad.)  My grandad, for the record, is the best man there is.  We are not technically related, but that is very much neither here nor there, ’cause he’s the only grandad i’ve ever had.  And the rest of that side of my family, who i like fine, but really have nothing in common with.  Oh, and presents and stuff, but that’s really beside the point now.

Lady Brett

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  1. December 17, 2007 2:18 pm

    boys dancing is cuuute! I’m glad you had fun on your boring conference trip.

    my only grandma left is my mom’s mom and she was invincible pretty much my whole life until recently… so I know what you mean.

  2. December 17, 2007 9:14 pm

    that’s my home town!

  3. linaria permalink
    December 20, 2007 8:33 am

    1. I think it is so badass that you’re in a drag show. Girls + boy clothes + COWBOYS! = freaking awesome.

    2. DC is NOWHERE NEAR New England, pretty architecture or no. DC has warm weather, cultural diversity, and real public transit. New England has lots of snow, lots of hicks, no public transit outside of Boston, and lots of cows. Just had to point that out.

  4. December 20, 2007 9:58 am

    linaria: 1 – thank you =)
    2 – hehehe, i wasn’t sure if that was the appropriate description. but from this far off they look pretty similar (must be the foreshortening ;)

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