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“Birds fly over the rainbow”

December 7, 2007

Random question: how do you feel about rainbows?

I was just thinking about that as a gay symbol and the rather different opinions i’ve heard about it.  I knew a girl in college who loved rainbows, had always loved them, long before she knew she was gay, at which point it was a particularly happy coincidence.  I also heard someone complain once about how gays had ruined the rainbow.  My first reaction to that is to bristle, but it’s true – you can’t quite wear one completely innocently anymore (unless you are a small child).  I have a friend who hates rainbows; she is always on the lookout for pride stuff that isn’trainbow.  Myself, i’d never wear a rainbow if it didn’t have that significance, but i do wear one, and i’ve come to really like it.  I’m not a multi-colored sort of gal, so rainbows are a bit…much.  I think they’re kind of tacky.  But i like my necklace – i’ve come to like the splash of color (it makes my stainless steel chain just a little less butch ;), and i like that the color is mixed in so it’s kind of muted.  But mostly it’s just my visibility piece – my “hey, i may not look that gay, but i’ve got a rainbow on, see?”

So, i’m curious: where do you stand?

some rainbows…courtesy of threadless

Lady Brett
“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – The Wizard of Oz

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  1. December 7, 2007 9:00 pm

    I’m not the *hugest* fan of rainbows, but like having something to show my pride.

    I’m just glad it’s not a pink something or other (I mean, I know there is the pink triangle, but that there is more than that). i HATE pink.

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