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“higher and higher i am taken”

December 1, 2007

What a yummy night i had.  I had to stay late at work and, even so, couldn’t get what i was working on to work right (i finished it today, it works now).  After a brief run home to change and take Dog out, i walked down to this youth thing.  It was a lovely night for walking – crisp, cold enough to need a coat, but not to make your ears hurt – and walking is good for letting go of frustrations (and for, you know, getting places).  I was late, but it was good.  I like those kids.

One of my favorite local bands was having a show, which i headed to afterwards.  The girl i’m hot on (i should give her a name sometime – the one with the sexy accent, who i ran into randomly the other day) was going as well (in fact, this was the band of the we were listening to the same cd fluke), but i wasn’t really sure if we were actually going to hang out.  And that was fine – i was totally digging sitting alone at the bar sipping down whiskey-cokes and losing myself in the music.  Sometimes going out alone sucks and is weird, but some nights it’s totally sweet.  She showed up not too much later and made me (shucks) join her and her people.  We were drunk.  We danced.  Bro (one of the other Kings) was there.  She rocks my socks, it was cool to see her.  But, of course, sometime soon all the kings will hear i was out with this girl, and they’ll hassle me about it – which will embarrass me, but i’ll get to brag about it too.  We went to the gay club and danced, made out, hung out for a while.

And, while i was there, i was talking to the woman who runs this cool-pride-stuff shop.  She had some rainbow chainmail earrings on, and has some other chainmail stuff she sells.  Well, she dug my necklace.  And, she gave me her card, said to consider what my wholesale price would be for ones like it!  She said she never could get the hang of this weave, but it doeskick ass, and she’d like to sell them.  So, see, i’m not just getting wasted and picking up – i’m networking.  Okay, it was more luck than anything, but that’s still pretty freaking cool.

Anyhow, she (the girl i was there with) gave me a ride home.  I invited her up, and we chatted a little bit.  She made fun of me for being a big dork (based on my book and movie collections), and just when it looked like she was going to head out we kind of ended up making out.  And in bed, and she stayed the night.  For the record, air mattresses, not good for sex.  But they’ll do.  I’m a little hung over, but i had a yummy night.

Also, it is December.  It is also toasty outside – like, t-shirt weather.  Like, on the warm side of absolutely lovely.  But it’s December.

Lady Brett
“Broken Telephone” – The Be Good Tanyas

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  1. December 2, 2007 6:53 pm

    sounds like someone had a wonderful night; I’m jealous ;)

    all the power to you!

  2. December 3, 2007 8:44 am

    yay for fun nights!

  3. December 3, 2007 5:43 pm

    I agree about going out alone – it’s really hit-or-miss, sometimes it’s fab and sometimes it just makes me depressed! But clearly I should take a lesson from you – if I could just get them to see my geeky book collection! :P

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