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“The Grand Old Party’s looking for somebody who can lead”

November 30, 2007

I’ve been a bit lax in my political zeal lately, but i am watching the Republican you-tube debate.  I’m not going to give a blow-by-blow, but here are some thoughts.

First – prepare yourself – i have something good to say about Giuliani.  His ad was damn funny!

He also tossed into the debate that the yankees won four world series’ while he was mayor, and none since.  But he’s still a fascist.

Fuck you, Mr. Romney (and Mr. Everyone Else but McCain, as proven in previous debates, although they didn’t weigh in this time).  “I oppose torture, but i refuse to define the word torture, so that my opposition amounts to nothing.”

Oh!  We can’t have gays in the military because only conservatives serve in the military.  Haha, and Romney weaseled out of his over-a-decade-ago comment that he looked forward to the day gays could serve openly.  He actually didn’t answer the question at all, but what he almost said was like “yeah, i look forward to that day, and i hope that day is really far off still.”  Sneaky man.

And i have to give props to Huckabee and McCain for being the only non-xenophobes on the stage.

Well, i can’t say that there were any surprises.  It was, overall, kind of boring because by now we all know what they all think (or, at least, what they are going to say they think).

Lady Brett
The opening song/youtube submission for the Republican debate – Chris Nandor

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