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“she’s no lady”

November 28, 2007

Last week sometime, me and my boss went out to get lunch.  We went to this fancy place – way too fancy for either of us, but not so expensive at lunch.  I had to run to the restroom.  My boss tells me, when i get back, that the waitress came by to get our drink order.  She asked him if he knew “what the lady would like?”  He was confused, like, lady? What lady? Oh, you mean her.  (he didn’t actually say this to the waitress…i don’t think).  I almost died laughing – especially because, as he was telling me, it took me a minute to figure out who this “lady” was too.  Yeah, and my boss rocks…because you know most people would never have told me that, even if it happened.

So…don’t mind the pseudonym… =)
Lady Brett
“She’s No Lady” – Lyle Lovett

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