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“i was dealt a losing hand, child”

November 28, 2007

Can i just go back on vacation?  Or, hell, i’ll just stay at work – i don’t mind working, but can i please stop dealing with all this bullshit?  On the bright side, i should be getting my new phone in today.  My friends will be amazed by my newfound tech savvy – the phone i just killed is almost 5 years old.  Unfortunately, i had to put the new phone on credit – the second time i’ve used my credit card this month.  It ain’t anything i can’t pay off when i get paid, but it’s a little disconcerting, since i’ve never had to use it before.

But that’s just a little bonus discontent.  The real problem is that, it’s official, i fucking hate the gas company.  And there’s nothing i can do about it (fucking monopoly).  But, seriously, because my phone is dead i had to sit at home all day yesterday to wait for the guy to come turn the gas on.  I got some work done, but there’s really a limit to that with no phone or internet.  Since i have gas heating, i was sitting at my computer typing with gloves on.  It was cute, i’m sure.  So, that was not exactly my plan for the day, but it was my own damn fault.  It was, however, not my fault that no one showed up all day.  So a little after 5, i went to work to do a few things that really needed doing.  I called Jake from there (one of the few numbers i retrieved from my old phone before it died the big death) to take her up on her offer that i could use her kitchen and her food anytime i wanted to cook her dinner, which was a nice break.  Then, i get home and there on my door is a big yellow hanger that says “Dear customer, blah blah, unable to render service at 2:10 pm because no one was here.”  Nevermind that i was home at 2:10, let’s focus on the fact that this was not on my door when i left home at 5:10 pm.

I haven’t called to reschedule yet because i want to throw a fit, and i have a moral opposition to throwing fits at customer service people.  It is, after all, not their fault that their company blows goats.  Update: after being on hold for 10 minutes or so and mysteriously hung up on, and on hold for another 10 or so when i called back, i talked to a very nice lady who could tell i was really fucking frustrated even though i was being nice.  and they’ll be out monday…over a month after i moved in…fuckers.

And, really, i hate being a grumpy bitch, but it would help if something would go right.  I want to go back to thanksgiving and just pretend the rest of the world doesn’t exist again.

Lady Brett
“Drink Your Whiskey Down” – Reckless Kelly

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