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“day by day i’m losing my blues”

November 26, 2007

I had a lovely holiday – it was so nice to just get away and not worry about anything for a while.  I had the best air travel experience ever on my way home.  I walked to the bus station listening to some lovely blues in the unseasonally warm, nice weather, and i only had my messenger bag to carry.  I was a bit earlier than i intended, and there was an earlier bus to the airport just about to head out.  I hopped on and read The Hobbit on the way.  It was the day before thanksgiving, and the airport was emptier than an average weekday.  It’s a cute little airport anyhow, so it never takes long to get through, and i think it only took me about ten minutes to get to my gate from getting off the bus.  Given all that, i was way early for my flight.  As i sat down to read my book they anounced the boarding call for My Home.  I kinda looked around, there were maybe 30 people getting on it, so i figured what the hell and asked if i could hop on that flight instead of the one in an hour and a half.  And i could.  I called home to see if my folks could pick me up early (i figured i might as well take the early flight; if they could, great, if not i’d read my book in that airport instead of this one).  So, that’s the story of the most laid back airport experience ever.  Also, i almost severely injured myself getting into my seat on the airplane – not quite sure what happened, but i twisted the hell out of my knee.  I did a remarkable job of not cursing when it happened (in fact, i just clenched my jaw and didn’t say anything at all).  It’s mostly better now, though if i turn it too much it still smarts a little.

The weather got rather promptly really cold and dreary, so i didn’t do as much as i usually do at my folks, but i had a great time with them  – and my bro and his roomie came in town too.  We all hung out on thanksgiving and didn’t do thanksgiving (but they did cook some awesome dinner).  I watched more football this weekend than in a few years together (and, actually, sow some really impressive games – one went over 110 points, one triple overtime, and one to 4 overtimes).  We did Thanksgiving Friday with some of my extended family coming over.  Me and Dad cooked all morning.  I made french bread, sweet potato pie, pecan pie and my signature awesome berry cobbler – they all turned out great.  Actually i burnt the pecan pie a little, but that turned out well (my aunt was like “mmm, this is fantastic, did you toast the pecans?” …yes, toasted, precisely…).  My brothers roomie (who’s a cool guy…though, having never met him before, i couldn’t figure out if he was flirting with me or if he’s just like that with everyone) knew some folks who were having a salsa party.  The three of us went and danced (i love dancing!) and had free very good snacks and alcohol.  Me and my brother were totally underdressed (having packed assuming we’d just be tromping around in the mud with the dogs), but it was great fun.  As promised, once we were sauced we had a lovely conversation about how we’ve been doing and our respective break-ups and recoveries and suchnot.

Coming home sunday wasn’t quite as nice.  I had to get up revoltingly early, still got to the airport with less than an hour till my flight was supposed to leave (and this is a damn big airport).  Fortunately, as i get into the 50-person line to the ticket counter (thinking i’m pretty much screwed), the cute airline-employee-lady comes up to announce that anyone who doesn’t need to check bags can go over to the auto-thingy with exactly no line.  And the very long security line went pretty quickly as well, so i made it to the gate about at boarding time.  But then thay changed the gate without anouncing it to anyone, and i thought i’d missed my flight despite my luck then.  But it was an hour late, so i didn’t.  Indeed, i had time to go get breakfast and coffee (yay).  And then spill the coffee, somehow, right into my hoodie pocket – directly on my phone, and leaking all over my lap.  So, my phone’s broken, i look like i pissed myself, and i’m stuck with just my t-shirt ’cause the hoodie’s soaked (it was all i had there to clean it up with).  It was about 40 degrees and drizzling at home, my hoodie had, at least, mostly dried, but it’s pretty light weight anyway and i was wearing sandals and had left my umbrella at my parents’.  My busted phone means i can’t call my friend who’s dog-sitting for me, so i took a bus out to her place and just showed up at her door.  I hate doing that to people, but i couldn’t think of anything else to do.  That was my fun adventure.

Also, i got a “happy gluttony and genocide day” text from a friend on thursday.  And, yes, i do chose my friends for their cynicism.

Lady Brett
“More and More” – Webb Pierce

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