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November 15, 2007

warning: bitching about shit i can’t change.

I have to pay the gas company $75.  Because i don’t have a history with them because Jake’s name was on the account at our place.  Even though every single payment (all on time) was made from my bank account (not that she didn’t pay her part, just i did all the keeping track of it ’cause i’m ocd like that).  So, my being a customer in perfect standing for over two years doesn’t really count.  Oh, wait – check this out, i can get Jake to “guarantee” me and i won’t have to pay.  Which will take approximately two weeks.  Okay, fine, whatever, i’ll pay, can i just have some gas so i can eat food that doesn’t suck?  You have to pay by this deadline (tomorrow) or we’re not going to send the guy out to turn it on.  But don’t worry, you can always mail a check in, just be sure to give it a week to get here.  Or you can even pay online…if you have a paper bill, which you won’t for a month.  Well, okay, you can pay it in person at any of these convenient locations on the outskirts of the city…if you’re in town, which you’re not.  Have fun!

Lady Brett

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  1. November 16, 2007 2:23 am

    Does that mean you don’t have hot water either? Or just no stove? I’ve never had gas because (while some people do it) I’ve always thought that having a gas stove in a place that is perpetually 90F was perhaps a suicide wish. And in foreign countries, having no gas means you don’t get a hot shower either because the water heater is quite often gas…?

  2. November 16, 2007 9:20 am

    oh thank god no. which is actually kind of weird to me because i have gas heating too (which would be nice, but i can do without). i totally can’t deal without hot water, even in the summer, much less now that it’s started to be chilly.

    i love gas stoves – i guess it’s just ’cause i grew up with one. i always have a hell of a time cooking on an electric one.

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