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“I’ll teach you not to flirt”

November 14, 2007

I love the dance of flirting.  I love not being able to say after the fact who made the first move.  Of course, if i had to say, it would never be me – i’m not the forward sort, it wouldn’t be me that leant in for the first kiss.  But was the first move actually when i smiled at her so she knew i wanted her to kiss me?  Or when her leg “accidentally” touched mine when we were talking?  Or was it actually made by the friend who introduced us, and it just played out from there?  I love that dance.  I love that sometimes you don’t realize that you’re in the midst of it until you are (of course, that can be a problem too, sometimes).  Or maybe i thought damn the second i saw her.  But even if we both know where we want it to end up, i wouldn’t want to skip the flirting.  Of course, because flirting is our rejection insurance; we try to discern what the other person wants without asking, because asking is dangerous.  But also, just because i love all the small steps of the dance.   Each one is a question, and a little more of a question, and you get that little bit of excitement each time it is answered with what might be a yes.

And there’s another side to it.  I’ve been checking out the posts in Miss Avarice’s Female Femininity Roundup, and it’s got me thinking about a thousand different sides of the issue.  But here is one, while i’m talking about flirting.

That is – i flirt like a girl.  Okay, i just wanted to say that, don’t get onto me for stereotypes or anything.  I don’t actually mean to imply that girls have to flirt one way – what i actually mean is that that particular interaction is one of the things (the one thing?) that makes me feel most feminine.  It is probably the first way that i noticed or accepted my femininity.  Noticed because even when i wore oversized t-shirts and baggy boy-pants i tended to go giggly and shy (to oversimplify) when i liked somebody.  And, well, it was nice, it felt good, so it was easy to accept.  I like the boy/girl aspect of flirting.  Even when it’s girl/girl flirting.  I could go into the details – how i’ll touch her softly on the arm while we’re laughing, how i look at my feet and steal glances, how i even almost kind of like it when i blush, how i love leaning my head back to kiss – but i guess you know what i mean.

Lady Brett
“Just Wait Till I Get You Alone” – Carl Smith

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  1. November 22, 2007 10:18 am

    I really love this post!

  2. November 26, 2007 9:40 am

    thank you =)

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