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“I want to know what it’s like to be without you”

November 12, 2007

Section two of the recap.  This isn’t the long one yet.  Just a few notable bits from my weekend (before last) out of town.  6 hours in the car with Ray was good conversation.  Lots of politics (but we always talk politics – that’s how we met), but rather more on the personal end of things too, which was interesting – and, of course, a fair bit of plain stupid silliness.

I spent a fair bit of the time there hanging out with one of my favorite friends that i don’t know super well.  We had lots of fun.  She almost ran into a light-pole checking these girls out.  To be fair, it was just luck that she was on that part of the sidewalk ’cause i was doing the exact same thing.  But, um, it was really fucking funny.  She’s a mutual friend of mine and Jake’s, so she was probing about how things were going (nosy friends crack me up…and make me feel loved, haha).  I told her we’d been having a lot of fun packing and moving and shit, and she told me (sworn to secrecy…but i think she was sworn to secrecy too) that Jake said much the same, but also something along the lines that she’d want to date me if we hadn’t just broken up.  Which is…well, a number of things.  Flattering.  Funny – i think because it’s this thing you see other people do, where the relationship is kinda floundering, but then they get along really well as friends and confuse it with being back in love.  Also funny because i doubt it will come up, because (i think) we both have too much pride to be the fools in the previous sentance.  And interesting – because i so totally don’t feel the same way.  I am really thrilled with being friends with her, but any lust went totally out the window with all the shit and confusion.  And, well, i don’t want a relationship with anyone right now because i’ve never really gotten to play around before – in the interest of new experiences, i particularly don’t want a relationship with Jake.  So, that’s the current gossip-thought.

Lady Brett
“Side of the Road” – Lucinda Williams

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