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“this afternoon the monsters came to my house to play”

October 26, 2007

kiss me i’m a pirateHappy Halloween y’all!  I know, i know, it’s not halloween yet, but it is halloween-party time ’cause it’s the weekend.  Oh, i love halloween!  I think it’s my favorite holiday, primarily because of costumes!  Going in drag to a little queer party tonight – tomorrow is pirate night!  Not for everyone, but our drag troupe is going as pirates, some in and some out of drag.  I’m going as a girl, to really throw ’em for a loop…and because it’s cost me less than 4 dollars and very little effort (i knew i just needed to hold onto that ren-fest costume).

In fact, i might get to go to the renaissance festival this year!  I’m kinda in costume- and ridiculous-interaction-with-strangers withdrawal, because there’s no ren-fest near my new home (and i simply haven’t the time and money to get in with the SCA).  But, the fest that’s close by my folks’ will still be on when i go home for thanksgiving, so i might run off for a day.  It’s an exciting prospect…i’m not sure if it’ll work out, i might not have time…but i might even be able to get ahold of some of my hometown buddies to join me.

November’s gonna be something crazy, though – i’m going to be out of town for almost two weeks of the month on three different trips.  And (hopefully) moving as well.  That’s still up in the air – well, it’s up in the air whether i get this place i’m looking at.  I’m definitely moving by the end of november, if moving at the beginning doesn’t work out.  It’s gonna be hectic, but it’s all good stuff.  And Jake said she’ll take care of Dog while i’m out of town this month, which is great.  After all, even though he is my dog, she’s totally his other mom.

Lady Brett
“Big Trouble” – Trout Fishing in America

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