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“we arm the world, we arm the children”

October 19, 2007

Last night i got to see a riotously funny…ah…”dragapella beauty shop quartet,” the Kinsey Sicks.  It was a little bit too much on the bathroom humor for me, but the ability to transition seamlessly from that to political satire was pretty keen.  Oh, and fuckin’ hysterical.  They did great acapella, for one, and they were great at ad-libbing (read: making fun of audience members).  Lyrics included gems such as “one carpenter already died for my sins; why did you have to take Karen?”, songs like “rent a homo” and, of course, the title bit for this post.  Trixie (the blond here, though she wasn’t blond last night) was my favorite.

kinsey sicks
The Kinsey Sicks: Rachel, Trampolina, Winnie and Trixie

Now i’ve got to put some work into my own drag show.  I’ve been so busy this week (with, ah, really important things, as you can see) that i haven’t spent a damn bit of time at home to get my shit together for tomorrow’s show.  It’s out of town, so i can’t do it tomorrow.  So tonight i gotta get a little practice in – songs and costumes – and do my ironing and packing.  Funny, i think i’ve mentioned before, but it still amuses me that i never do ironing, or do my hair or makeup except when i’m going as a guy.

Lady Brett
“We Arm the World” – the Kinsey Sicks

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