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“get good and tore down”

October 7, 2007

Mmm, i’ve had a fun couple of days. There was a lot of alcohol and not quite enough sleeping – or at least not at the right times. But really – thursday night i spent at my coffee shop arguing politics with a buddy and listening to an amazing, and unexpected, bluegrass jam session. And then writing a letter back to a friend (ilove honest-to-god mail) largely dealing with gender thoery/thoughts. I may have to transfer some of that content here at some point.

Friday i biked to work in the morning and didn’t get home till 3 something am. I worked late, went to this gay youth/young adult things my friend is setting up. It was kinds strange ’cause it was mostly high-schoolers, but it was pretty cool. And (of course) a friend-of-a-friend i’d met once was there. When that was over, it was dark and had cooled off a bit, and biking around downtown was absolutely fantastic. So i just kind of went joy-riding for a while, and then headed to the dyke bar. Which was as depressingly empty as usual. But i grabbed a drink and a pool table, and then (of course) ran into some other aquaintances. On a whim – having a lot to do with the good weather – i decided to actually bike down to the other club, where everyone else had headed. I’m still kind of new to this biking-for-transportation thing, soi’m kind of leery of leaving my well-trodden paths, but it was pretty easy and a lot of fun biking there, actually. At the club i (of course) ran into the chick from the youth thing (we’ll call her Kid), a lot of the people from the dyke bar and some friends i haven’t seen in a few months ’cause we didn’t have each other’s phone numbers (yay!). Did i mention that the gay community here is a little small? Ended up talking to Kid for a while, and she gave me a ride home ’cause she was really worried about me biking.

Saturday i got a call from the above out-of-touch friends, “hey, we’re having people over, wanna come? Kid’ll be there.” Sneaky bastards. She is cute as hell, all androgynous and stuff. And smart – i love smart. Oh, and nineteen – say what? I dunno if they actually meant anything by it, but it sounded a bit leading – and i can see where they might wonder, since we got on pretty well, and the ride home and all. Anyhow, they kidnapped me, me and Kid cooked some foods and we had an awesome night of fun – the four of us, a gay boy, straight guy and a dyke they’d met at the club friday. They almost didn’t invite her ’cause one of the couple whose place it was was all jealous that the woman was maybe hitting on her girlfriend. After quite a bit of wine, five of us ended up piled on the bed – i was happily squished between Kid and the new dyke. I spent the better portion of the night snuggled up with her (and maybe just a little bit more than that…and i think that solved the jealous-girlfriend thing ;). But ain’t timing a bitch? Weird/complicated situation came up so that we couldn’t hook up. And she’s moving out of the city today. She got my number, though – said she’ll call when she’s in town. One can hope (damn, she was hot).

Also, i tend to go for older women. I already knew that, but last night was a rather concrete example ’cause i was hanging out with two single women that i think are hot. But the idea of dating (or what-have-you) someone five years younger than me is totally strange – like, i can’t even imagine it (and i did give it a little thought). On the other hand, i was making out with a woman 8 years older than me, which didn’t even phase me.

And that’s the story of my totally gay weekend.  Good god i’m tired.

Lady Brett
“Let’s Get Drunk and Fight” – Joe Nichols

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  1. October 8, 2007 9:33 am

    hooray for snuggling and gay weekends!
    it sounds like you needed it! ;)


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