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soup. and the wrong kind of noise.

September 27, 2007

Beet-Squash soup, actually pretty good.

I made veg stock the other day…with beets.  With other things as well, but the beet bits pretty much took it over.  So i was left wondering what the hell one puts in beet soup.  Particularly since it was just beet broth – i ate the beets seperately (yum!  like candy and veg all at once).  Well, how about an onion and zuchinni and crookneck squash?  So i did, cooked the veg up, added beet broth (and salt, pepper and allspice), blenderized it all.  It’s kind of thin for a blendered/creamy style soup, but the flavor is really good.  It was thicker before, but i added more broth because it was a) kind of bland and b) icky brown.  Next time only yellow squash, no zuchinni – that should solve the color problem.  Otherwise, it’s totally yummy, with a little cream in it (or, um, yogurt if that’s all you happen to have in the fridge).

Also, i’m going to throw a fit if the construction doesn’t stop someday.  Seriously.  I think they are dragging a giant metal box up and down the street just for the sound.  It’s all well and good that they’re fixing the pipes up the road (or whatever), but in the process of their fixing, they are totally destroying the street.  I’d be in a better mood if my headphones hadn’t died the big death.  Then i could just drown them out!

Also, my headphones died the big death, so there is no music, and i can’t think of a song.
Lady Brett

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  1. September 27, 2007 1:54 pm

    I <3 soups. When I make time to cook, it is invariably soup. Especially since the weather is getting cooler (yeah, not in Florida) – I hope you enjoy your yummy soup!

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