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“If you come back I promise I’ll be good”

September 25, 2007

cash shirtWe had another drag show saturday.  It was fuckin’ killer.  We had an awesome (big) crowd, and the show went off really well.  Despite either the cd or sound system fucking up a little bit – a few of the songs had little skips in them.  One of them got totally stuck in that bad-repeating-skip towards the end.  That sucked, but it was one of Boss’s songs and he dealt with it well, so everyone just laughed and the show moved on.  Overall, though, it was damn fun and everyone said it was way better than the last show.  It’s getting more cohesive, we’ve been brainstorming some good new ideas, and doing more in the show as a troupe instead of just a lot of individual songs (those are still most of it, of course).  The shirt was for “Cocaine Blues”…because it’s a Cash cover, folks.

We’ve also got two new kings.  One is pretty cool, and she’s been a fan for a long time, so we all at least kind of know her.  She pulls off the drag well too.  Even though i had to tie her tie for her (but, hell, i’ve had to tie a tie for guys before, guess you can’t blame a girl – makes me feel accomplished ;).  The other…is really fuckin’ annoying.  We are working under the theory that she’s trying (way too hard) to fit into the group, and that once she realizes that that’s not neccessary she’ll chill a little and be okay.  Here’s hoping.

Oh, and then i went home at like 2, tripped in the dark on the weights on our living room floor and smacked my face on the fireplace.  Go me.

Lady Brett
“Please, Please Baby” – Dwight Yoakam (i did that and “What did love ever do to you” by Hank III.  I know, i need to branch out.)

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