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“Pull off your coat, throw it in a corner”

September 18, 2007

I like tuesdays a lot now. It’s my ritual going out to my favorite bar listening to good music night. If i had money every night might be one of these, but since i can’t afford to be a total lush, it’s tuesday.  mmm, music.  There’s also something to be said for this Cheers thing, where you know everyone at your hangout.

Odd thing though, one of Jake’s friends also does this, so we’ve started hanging out there every week. He’s one of what i call my music buddies. That is, we have a few things in common, but really probably wouldn’t be friends if it weren’t for going to listen to music together (because going to shows alone is kinda lame). The odd part, though, is that all these people totally think we’re dating. The waitress tonight wasn’t the usual one, so she put us on the same check. I don’t really mind, but it’s kinda strange. He’s not even my type of guy ;)

Lady Brett
“Stay a Little Longer” – Willie Nelson

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