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“You can have a dose of nicotine if yer getting drowsy or feelin’ mean”

September 14, 2007

My face hurts. That is, i went to the dentist today. Which, like, really needed to happen, and will be happening many more times fairly soon.

Public service announcement: don’t let this happen to you, go get your teeth cleaned regularly. It is absolutely a good investment in money, time and discomfort – turns out you may have to spend out a lot more of all three for failing to do so.

Anyhow. I’m not one of those people who is really freaked out by the dentist. Drills in my mouth? Yeah, go ahead, can i sleep? But in order to get to that part they stick needles in your mouth. That’s not cool. I can deal; i have come to let my inner butch deal with needles, which means that i clench my fists and breathe (well, sometimes) and most of the time the person sticking me has no idea that i am totally freaking out. Other than that, i’ve never had much problem with dentistry. That is, it sucks, but whatever.

But today i got out of the dentist and i just felt like shit. I didn’t hurt – because i was still numbed up – but i had this nasty taste in my mouth, and the numbing was way back in that part where it goes up to your eye a little bit, so i felt kind of disfunctional there too. Mostly, though, i felt kind of inexplicably shitty, like slow and a little disoriented and weak or something. I guess it was something to do with the anesthetic, but that’s never happened to me before, and i don’t like it. It hasn’t really gone away, but the numbness has, so now my tooths hurt too. Also my wallet.  Oh, and my dentist said it was the most diffficult filling she’s done – she’s kind of young, but still.
Pity party’s over now =) On the bright side, i ate spaghettio’s and dr. pepper for lunch (it’s called positive reinforcement, you give them treats for doing things they are supposed to do). That was nice…though eating food with no nutrition probably doesn’t help me feel any better. And i have a lovely mix cd with a buncha Gourds songs on it, one of which i am totally enamored of. I might just listen to it on repeat all day. And tonight there will be live music, which sounds like it should be good.

Lady Brett
“Pill Bug Blues” – The Gourds (this is the song i spoke of. I sing it to my dog on account of “baby i can’t have you out runnin’ round”)

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  1. September 17, 2007 8:27 am

    i hate the dentist.

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