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“And if i ever have a son, i think i’m gonna name him Bill or George”

September 5, 2007

Venezuela is considering making it illegal to give your kids weird names.  WTF mate?  They want to limit baby names to a list of 100 chosen by the leg. in order to avoid names which are “extravagant,” “hard to pronounce” in Spanish or “‘generate doubts’ about the bearer’s gender.”  Two strikes for me.  I mean, yes, that it is hard to pronounce in Spanish is the one thing i dislike about my given name.  (My parents were considerate enough to give me a girly and multilingual middle name, in case i should want it.)  The article, of course, has examples of crazy shit people have been named, but that’s really beside the point.  Talk about law-happy.

For one thing, things are gonna get confusing in an entirely different way if everyone in the country has the same 100 names – just think of all the nicknames we had to come up with to differentiate between all the Jennifers, Davids, Mikes and Chrises (at least, those were “the names” for my age group).  More seriously, though, that is not the government’s place.  Ugh.

Lady Brett
“Boy Named Sue” – Johnny Cash (written (or co-written?) by Shel Silverstein.  Damn, it looks like the awesome site dedicated to Silverstein’s adult work isn’t up anymore.  That’s a damn shame.  As for his adult works, i have a special spot for “the perfect high”, possibly because it was the first one i heard, but more likely because it was read to me on the top of a mountain (Shasta peak, i believe).)

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  1. September 5, 2007 8:53 pm

    see why i’m a libertarian? uh huh.

  2. September 5, 2007 9:40 pm

    hehe, the bird has a point.
    but i think libertarianism’s tossing the baby out with the bathwater.

    by which i mean, of course, that i fully support government overreaching if they’re doing it the way i want ;D

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