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“And i can’t help the way that i am”

August 24, 2007

My first show is tomorrow night.  I’m about all ready as far as stuff goes.  Other than stuff, well, the drinking enough to get on stage clearly can’t start till later tomorrow.  But, really, i’ve done more shopping for “him” in the last two weeks than i’ve done for myself in months.  Admittedly, i have gotten sidetracked a few times and ended up with a new tank top along with a mens dress shirt.  Actually, it’s a boys dress shirt.  Which is exciting because it fits me and i look something like dapper instead of like a kid in his dad’s clothes.  Because mens clothes do not come in small, apparently.  I can work around that, though.  I pinned the sleeves up in the shoulder on my goodwill pearl-snap shirt, so the cuffs don’t hang down past my fingertips anymore.

Now i just need to do some ironing and pack my stuff up (that is, go over it 10 times to be sure i’m not forgetting something).  Oh, and pack.  I need to figure out how to do that – i think it’s going to be socks this time around.  The soft pack has been recommended to me for the future.

And i’m going tonight to hang out with some friends i haven’t seen all summer, which is exciting, and should keep me from fretting all evening =)

Lady Brett
“Whiskey, Weed and Women” – Hank III (kind of my drag theme song)  also, i swear i’ll start listening to someone else sometime, but with my new cd and song for the show…

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  1. August 25, 2007 9:59 am

    break a leg, sexy girl. have somebody videotape & put it on youtube, willya? :)

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