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“His big nose in my business”

August 18, 2007

Basically what happened last night was i was talking to this girl who i had never met before (but a friend of a friend of a friend, or something), and she was pretty cool. Another woman, who i like and admire and am not close to, but friends with, showed up. Let’s call them Girl and Woman for simplicity (even though they’re both older than me ;) Girl i’m talking to mentions some way that Woman had slighted her in the past, so she doesn’t like her. I laugh, say, well, i’m not exactly surprised (Woman can be a bit divisive), but i happen to really love her anyway. Then on to the rest of the night…

But i was thinking about it at the time and i realized that i am a fairly adamant not-taking-sides-er. Possibly because like everyone i knew in high school and college dated each other except me. But whatever the reason, i feel very strongly about not ‘choosing’ my friends over each other, and i really think it’s immature for people to make that neccessary (though there are extenuating circumstances, i understand). Often, this has to do with being unwilling to make judgements without the full story (and full stories are damn elusive), but even when i feel there is a person in the right and in the wrong, i seldom if ever feel the issue is important enough to warrant picking sides. That is, i don’t have much trouble saying, yes, what Joe did wasn’t cool, but i still like Joe. So fucking what?

In thinking on this a bit more this morning, i think this is one of the reasons i am so intent on having an amicable break-up (obviously, it has it’s other benefits). I’ve been on the mutual-friend side of ugly (or even just awkward) break-ups often enough that i can’t bear the idea of doing that to our friends (and basically everyone we’ve met since moving is kind of a mutual friend).

Lady Brett
“Nosey Joe” – Brian Setzer Orchestra

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