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“Let me buy you chocolates, let me buy you sparkplugs”

August 17, 2007

The gender discussion continues (Sinclair’s put together a good roundup).  I have to make an extra nod toward the rediculously shallow article Lina brought to our attention (in order to spark some ire and good discussion, i’m sure ;).

To introduce, i believe Sinclair said it best, “Butch and femme are not reproductions of the heteronormative paradigm.”  The other side of the debate would just remove the “not”.  I agree with Sinclair.

But.  I want to challenge an underlying assumption on both sides of the argument: that typical heterosexual gender expression is a bad thing.  I do not mean that i think it should be the only thing – that would be distinctly against my self-interest, among other things.  I do mean that if we are going to sit here and argue that people ought to respect Sinclair’s butch, Lina’s femme and my still-in-the-works gender expression, then we simply cannot blow off male-female heteronormative gender expression as somehow inferior simply because it is what is most accepted.  In the same vein – though i agree that this is, if not impossible, highly unlikely – what’s the big fuckin’ deal if a particular butch-femme relationship is a reproduction of man-woman dating?

Is this just me going off the “you do your thing, i’ll do mine” deep end?  (i, clearly, don’t think so, but i’d love to hear some opinions.  I’m a sucker for a good debate.)

Lady Brett
“Lets Go Bonding” – Two Nice Girls

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