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“I got thrown out ’cause they said i didn’t belong”

August 17, 2007

With all this in mind, i have another question.  Why is so much of the gay community just as uncomfortable as everyone else with people straying from what is expected of them with regard to identity/labels?  There are a few things that have popped into my head as examples, though i’m sure there are just thousands more.  And, in fact, something kind of related came up in the care and feeding of a butch.

First, my (mostly straight) high school and college buddies would – i’m almost certain – be more surprised to see me wearing skirts than they were when i came out.  Then there was the comment by one of the girls in the drag king group a while back along the lines of “what the hell is one of my prospective kings doing here in a dress?”  That was at least kind of a joke.  But then there was also an issue where one person seriously objected to a straight girl (not me) joining the group.

My fallback explanation is something to do with most people being very uncomfortable with shades of grey.

Lady Brett
“If the Shoe Fits” – Hank III

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  1. August 17, 2007 8:39 pm

    well you know how i feel about this. i think people are afraid of what is different from them. and sometimes they’re afraid of those things in themselves that they’re hiding from…

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