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“Before a girl like me can move on”

August 12, 2007

So…the mom-visit was fine. I had kind of resolved to just not say anything about the break-up, but she asked. Not sure what it was (but i’m kind of…completely transparent), but she pretty much figured it out on her own. So then she had questions…wanted to know things about it. I tried to reassure her…and not talk about it. But i was in fairly good spirits all weekend (and only partly by effort).

Also, over friday lunch, i told her about the drag thing. She was sort of like, okay. Like, she’s pretty cool with whatever, but she was clearly kind of not sure if she approved. So then, like ten minutes later, she’s likewell, if you’re going to do country you really have to do this, and proceeded togive me a bunch of (really useful) tips on how to dress hip-country-male. So, that was pretty cool.

And i got a hat (a cheapo straw thing at target). I love it. I wore it all weekend, with my skirt and everything. Boots to come, but i did get an idea of what to look for from my mom. Still have to decide on my music and such. Such meaning at least a vague character-story and how to get my ass on a stage without being fuckin’ sloshed (tipsy is fine…and definitely going to be necessary).

Lady Brett
“How Long Do I Have to Wait for You” – Sharon Jones

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