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“gone and got myself a brand new vice”

August 6, 2007

Better.  Which is good.  I’m not quite sure what worse woulda been (i’ve never lost my appetite on emotional grounds before…odd)…there’s still time for that, of course.

But i feel something like normal today.  If a bit stoic.  It was terrible at first, coming into work – like what am i supposed to say today when asked how my weekend was.  Well, obviously, i’m supposed to say “okay” or something.  And, as i like my coworkers, faking not feeling like crap has eased into actually not feeling like crap.  If a little aloof.

I need to do some serious thinking, but for now i’m going to avoid that as long as possible.

I am also having a hell of a time with my music selection.  I am, of course, never quite happy without music on.  But, in an effort to be mature about this, i am trying to self-censor my music of things that will affect me.  It turns out that that’s damn hard, because at least one major point of good music is to affect you.  Just the effort is major progress, though ;)

Lady Brett
“Little White Lines” – Shooter Jennings

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