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“Pages made of days of open hand”

August 3, 2007

I’ve been all alone at work (it’s a small office, but nonetheless a little strange that no one showed up today).  So, naturally, i finished reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (i know, i’m running late).  Because there is that point in a good pulpy book that you really just wanted to skip work to read anyway.  And i finished it in time for my meeting this afternoon, and before everyone decided to show up for work…at 1pm.

Better get it back to the library for the next desperate soul.  (60-odd copies all checked out!)

Lady Brett
“Book of Dreams” – Suzanne Vega

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  1. August 3, 2007 10:18 pm

    Your library has 66 copies of the 6th year of HP and they are ALL checked out?! Wow. I could understand if that were true for the last book, but an old one… man oh man. Crazy to think about that because you know all the die hard Potterheads own the book, so they’re not even the ones checking it out!!!

  2. August 4, 2007 11:40 am

    Moreover, i checked on the 7th one yesterday – obviously i really want to read it now, having caught up – 105 holds. Like, that is the waiting list. Time to find one of my Potterhead friends to borrow from; i know y’all all finished it a week ago. *g*

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