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“This is the story of your gypsy uncle”

August 2, 2007

I’ve been thinking recently of getting into more art-stuff.  I blame a general discontent with life, as well as Bird on the Wire’s art, which i find inexplicably inspiring.  I fell out of art circles so completely when i went to college that it’s strange to think about it.  To clarify, i’ve never been much of an artist (despite some effort toward the contrary).  After the “fuck this, i hate art” phase of serious-art-overdose recovery, i realized that i would really classify myself as a crafter.  I did my crafty stuff for a while – mostly chainmail – but ran out of time, energy, money or inclination (i’m not sure which, or what combination) about a year ago.

I haven’t kept up with photography because for me there is no fun in photos without a darkroom.  So now i have a digital camera for documentation, and a lonely SLR for…someday.  Most of he rest of it isn’t so complicated, so i haven’t really got an excuse.  I just got out of, and never really got back into, the habit of sketching every time i was sitting still with a pen and a napkin, and everything else too.

I’ve pretty well given up on writing poetry, but i’m not picky about which side of the stage i’m on when it comes to art (most of the time i prefer the audience side, actually).  I keep meaning to go to the weekly poetry nights nearby, but i always forget or flake out.  The sad story of how my *brilliant* poetic career ended?  About a year after i moved on from writing teenage drivel i got a terrible case of writers block which never went away.  Frankly, i’m not that upset, but i’d like to see what’s going on in that side of the world again.

More related to things that are actually happening (rather than me pining): i might (just might) become a drag king soon.  This theater thing is almost completely new to me, but i’m excited.  I’m still kind of in limbo here, but i think it’ll turn out.

And music?  Music is for listening to.  Which i have dutifully been doing through all of this.

Lady Brett
“Red Right Ankle” – The Decemberists

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  1. August 2, 2007 3:23 pm

    i LOVE that song. and i’m glad i can help inspire in any way…

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