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“You say you don’t owe, dont owe me no explanation”

July 24, 2007

You can watch the YouTube/CNN democratic debate here question-by-question or in a more traditional TV version at (the cnn video kept crashing my internet, but i had to refresh the you tube page a few times to get my sound back.  Also you have to look elsewhere on you tube to get the campaigns’ videos…like the one comparing Chris Dodd to a bunny.)

The format was a little strange, but had its advantages.  There were a whole lot of questions on a number of topics, which was cool (and some amusing asides).  But they had only one or two candidates answer most of the questions, which makes the term “debate” a bit far-fetched, as well as making comparisons between and decisions about the candidates difficult.

Again, by this point all of the candidates have pretty clear platforms, so no real shockers in this debate either, but i noticed a few things.  Biden clarified his views on the Iraq war well this time.  Gravel comes off as more of a jackass every time he speaks.  He would make a better Hardball host than a presidential candidate; it seems the only reason he talks is to piss off people (the other candidates).  And i’ve mentioned how i feel about his all-sales tax idiocy.  I also vehemently oppose nuclear power, which Obama supports and Clinton is…”agnostic” about (?).

I liked “would you work (as president) for the minimum wage?”  Particularly Obama’s note that most of them have enough money that it really wouldn’t be a sacrifice.

And the levity question, “what’s to like and dislike about the candidate to your left,” actually was pretty cute and amusing.

Lady Brett
“Nothin’ But Love” – The Presidents of the United States of America

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