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“The amber current flowing from my mind”

July 23, 2007

Fuckin’ sweet weekend (again).  Me, Jake and Dog went out of town (again).  This one involved at least a little bit more sleep, although Saturday night was a bit rough on that count.  Anyhow we went to see some of her friends, and it was overall pretty fun.  Most of all we went “boating” on sunday.  Our boats are these $10 inflatable boats from wal-mart – much as i don’t like going to wal-mart, i highly recommend them.  The water was clear and cool and a little bit too shallow, and i didn’t get a sunburn or too many bug bites.  The easiest way for me to deal with my cheapo-boat is to lay on my stomach, feet over the back, head and arms over the front, and use the kayak-style paddle.

Even sillier than that, we brought Dog along.  Well, he refused to get in the boat with me on, i think, grounds that it was squishy and thus even creepier than the water.  So he swam with us or ran along the bank for a bit until he was clearly beat, at which point Jake scooped him up and set him on my legs/butt in my boat.  He was remarkable docile (i.e. too tired to move).  It was really cute.  Also silly.  And not really uncomfortable at all, surprisingly.  Today, however, my lower back is sore like never before.

Lady Brett
“Whiskey River” – Willie Nelson

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  1. July 24, 2007 12:36 pm

    Sounds like a great time. Enjoying the sun, family, and friends… just what summers are made for!

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