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“Let me be your hoppin’ frog”

July 19, 2007

A link to keep you up to date on the presidential debates.  It’s actually to the whole NAACP conference, which includes the clip of the candidate forum.  Well, technically “forums”, but the republican one was a bit lonely with only Tom Tancredo, harping on immigration.  The Democrat forum i won’t give details on, because if you’ve seen the others it is basically what you have come to expect from everyone.  Although Mike Gravel was extra bitchy.

Lady Brett
“Miss Maybelle” – R.L. Burnside
An interesting tale about R.L. Burnside:  Story goes when he was on trial for murder the judge asked him if he did it.  Burside replied, “him dying was between him and the Lord.  I just shot him in the head.”  He did six months ’cause his employer wanted his best tractor driver back.

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