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“Get me all worked up like that”

July 16, 2007

I saw the most amazing show sunday night.  I almost say the best music show i have ever seen (and, my deepest love to all the arts, it doesn’t get better than music), but i simply can’t forsake my first love, Clandestine.

Anyhow, we saw Lucinda Williams, and it was in-fucking-credible.  It makes me a little bit sick to think how much money i spent on the weekend, but it was completely worth it – even to this little miser.  I started listening to Lucinda in high school when i coopted a recorded tape of car wheels on a gravel road that my mom had gotten from a friend.  It was the perfect music at the time.  But, unlike all the other things that saved me from high school, Lucinda is still the perfect music, if different.  I hadn’t given this real thought before the show, but i think that is because her music is so basal.  Not to deamean it; rather the opposite.  Her music fully stands up to intellectual, musical, poetic critique, but…who cares?  I could write pages expositing and defending my thoughts about certain songs, but it wouldn’t explain anything, because this is not music you think about; this is music you feel.  I have always felt her music, the great songs, quite literally.  (No, really, not like this.)

Why the waxing philosophical?  Just wanted to clarify what i was thinking at the show, and where i was coming into it from.  As you may have guessed at this point, i was kind of giddy when she actually came on stage and i was actually really there.  (As an aisde: she is cute, which is perhaps the last thing i expected.  I had seen pictures of her, and she looked a bit more severe than that – and her music simply exudes grit and sex, so i kind of expected her to match it, but she is closer to adorable than hot or rough.)  Despite my being a bit star-struck, the first few, maybe three, songs were…fine.  Perhaps it was warm up, perhaps it was the song choices, but i was starting to be dissapointed.

It picked up.  Fast.  And it never let down after.  Once she was on it was no holds barred.  It was, like her albums – but more so, – music you feel.  The stuff that makes you tingle on the inside.  And sometimes you know why; because it is so sexy (and you think maybe you shouldn’t be tingling quite like that in public), or that twangy thing she does with her voice that can make your heart ache without the lyrics.  But sometimes it is just the sound, or the sight, or the whole experience is simply more than your eyes and ears can explain to you by themselves.

Do i sound like i’m still giddy?

Well, i am too tired to be much of anything, and especially not giddy.

Lady Brett
“Righteously” – Lucinda Williams

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